Heya, it seems you might have put the game server address into a web browser instead of minecraft’s multiplayer address list.  Well, this page has been made to help with that!

The following instructions will have you mining in no time:

A quick note, Microsoft took over Minecraft development a while back and have since released what they call the “Better Together Update” which is only usable by a limited number of game servers.  My server is not one of them – I can only serve to Minecraft Java players, meaning pc or laptop gamers.

To get started you will need to add my server url to your list of available sites, it is actually a pretty easy process.

After starting the game on your desktop or laptop, simply select “Multiplayer”

Once done, you will be on a screen that allows you to specify the server information of the game you would like to join, click on “Add Server”

Now to add the actual information to join the game, for my site it is simply but there are many game servers available to enter at this point if you wish.  Mine is free but I am still in the process of fleshing it out, my kiddo has a subscription to which gave me the idea of hosting a game server in the first place but they are usually professionally built pay-for-use servers.  Totally worth it and very popular, but my game server is just not there yet.

Once the relevant server address is in place, it’s as simple as clicking on “Join Server”!

It isn’t wildly popular yet but I am hoping I can get some kiddos to join my daughter and have fun playing together online.  There are lots of modifications available for mini-games that don’t take a whole lot of effort to put in place, plus I am a fan of the game myself so I’ll be playing from time to time as well! 🙂